Student Athletes


Foundational Core Values is a concrete, values based decision making process that gives coaches the opportunity to draw out the values that are important to each player and bring them to the forefront of their minds.

In this seven (8) week program the staff and players will learn:

  • What their 4-5 Foundational Core Values are
  • How to define each of their values
  • To find positive connection points between their Foundational Core Values and the core values of your program
  • How to make values based decisions vs. emotionally based decisions
  • What you risk when you violate your own Foundational Core Values
  • The importance of accountability
  • Values based leadership

Foundational Core Values gives coaches a process to coach to on AND off the field.  The ability to coach a young person using their own values is a game changer when you are developing team players and leaders.  With Foundational Core Values you now have the common process to help your players make better decisions, and a process to coach to when they don’t.

This program was developed working with high school and college students, and later used in corporate America.  Instead of convincing young people to make good decisions, you can now inspire them by harnessing their own Foundational Core Values.

Where most training is like receiving information through a fire hose and information is quickly forgotten, our seven (7) week behavior change system takes your team from knowledge to application, and into sustainment.  To learn more about our behavior change system and deployment model, click here.

Watch the 30 second videos below to see what coaches and student athletes have to say about Foundational Core Values!


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