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Studies show that employees are more engaged when they believe that their peers and bosses care about them, when what they do matters, and when their values are congruent with corporate values.  It’s not enough to have corporate values on your wall or in your employee handbook, we need to help our people connect their personal Foundational Core Values with the company’s values.

Foundational Core Values does that, and more!  When your people go through the seven (7) week Foundational Core Values training, they will learn:

  • How to identify their 3-5 personal Foundational Core Values
  • How to define their Foundational Core Values
  • How to find positive connection points between their values and the company’s values
  • The risks involved with violating your values
  • The difference between having a goal and chasing an outcome
  • How to increase their emotional intelligence
  • How to make values based decisions vs. emotionally based decisions
  • How to discover their purpose
  • How purpose can increase life satisfaction AND job satisfaction
  • How to use their Foundational Core Values to deal with difficult people
  • How managers can coach to a person’s values, creating greater employee engagement

Where most trainings are concepts focused, Foundational Core Values takes those concepts and gives you a concrete process that you can use on a daily basis to create a culture of values based decision making and mutual respect.

Where most training is like receiving information through a fire hose and information is quickly forgotten, our seven (7) week behavior change system takes your team from knowledge to application, and into sustainment.  To learn more about our behavior change system and deployment model, click here.

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